Monday, July 24, 2017

What's A Hero?

What's a hero? A hero is defined by Merriam-Webster as "A person admired for achievements and noble qualities. One who shows great courage."

When we are asked, "Who are your heroes?" I believe we tend to immediately think of those who have been there for us when we needed them the most and who taught us life lessons. For me personally the people that come to mind first are my parents, grandparents, and my friends/mentors Michael, Pastor John, and Pastor Scott.

But, what about those heroes who aren't there for you, but their achievements, noble qualities, and their great courage touch your life? What about those heroes who you have never met, or have met just a few times, yet they touch your life and inspire you in some way? For me these heroes are little, but mighty, and they are our Wrestling For A Cause (WFC) kids. WFC is about helping kids who are fighting cancer and about raising awareness to childhood cancer. WFC is getting ready to celebrate 6 years and we've helped so many families in this time, and I'm proud to say I've been a part of it in some way for over 4 years now. I started coming as a fan, to watch the wrestling and just support the cause. But, since January 2016 I've been more involved by being their ringside photographer. Not only am I more involved with the cause and helping them out, but it got me more involved with the families. I'm getting the opportunity to get to know the kids and the families on a more personal level.

All of the kids are my heroes. The way they fight and the great courage they show as they battle day in and day out this horrible disease that's called cancer. Today I found out this morning Princess Aaliyah earned her angel wings at 4:43 AM, and as hard as it is on me, I still can't imagine how hard it is on the parents, families, and friends of these kids who have been there their whole lives. This past year four of our heroes earned those angel wings, but we have many kids still fighting. And in honor of those who have been taken away from this world way too soon, I will continue to fight for them and with other kids by being a part of WFC and doing my part to help these families and raise awareness to childhood cancer.

You have all touched many lives, including mine, and are an inspiration to many! These kids and their legacy will live on forever through their families, friends, and people like me. People who will continue the fight for them.

RIP and fly high Aaliyah, Jasmine, Kai, and Luther. You are loved by so many!

Aaliyah and her daddy Rod
Jasmine (right) with Maddie who is still fighting

Me with Kai and his daddy Gary

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


I know, I know, I know....once again I'm back saying it's been way too long! And to be honest, me not blogging regularly is just one way I'm self sabotaging myself. I keep telling myself every week that I've got to get back to this. I need to get back to my meditating, journaling, and blogging. Not only for myself, but I started this blog to help inspire and motivate others. Well, today I did some meditating at lunch and my thoughts led to self-sabotage, and not only for what that means for me personally, but why do we do this to ourselves? We all do it in some way.

So, just to get you up to date on what's been going on. I am still at Fitness Together, but he is in the process of going down to one location. He's closing the downtown studio, but keeping the Riverside studio. What does this mean for me personally? Well, it means I'm back to 5:15 AM workouts because now I won't be able to make the drive to the studio while at work during my lunch break. But, that's okay, the change I believe will be good for me. I just started the new schedule, as well with a new trainer he hired, and I'm actually feeling a lot better. I have found that on the days I get up early (3:45 AM), that not only do I feel better once I've done the workout, but it starts my day off better. To be honest, since the first of the year I have been making changes in training schedules and trainers just trying to find what works, but it seems I never truly found that balance I needed. I think there were times I thought what I was doing was better, but I think really I was just trying to not be a burden and just get in there and do my workouts. But, even in just these last couple days I'm already seeing and feeling that it's going to help me be more consistent in my schedule by getting back down to the Riverside studio early mornings (I'll have my routine all week), I like the new trainer, and I'm actually using my lunch to just create space for myself by reading, meditating, journaling, etc.

So, today like I said, I started to think about self-sabotage. This is something I'm constantly doing it seems like, and I think in general we all tend to do this to some degree. I mean it's like, we start feeling great about ourselves and what we're doing, and so what do we do? We somehow get in our own head and start creating chaos that leads to us doing the things that cause us to self-sabotage. To each of us those things are different. For me personally, what I was thinking is how these past few days I've been getting back to some basics. Like meditating and journaling, doing the early morning workouts, and even the simple things like drinking my water like I should. I feel amazing and I do so much better in my workouts when I get up early and workout, drink my water throughout the day like I should, and make those healthy eating choices. I stopped running so I'm back to square one training for a half marathon in December, even though once I've gone out and run I always feel so much better. So why is it that I stop doing these things knowing that I'm going to feel physically horrible, which leads to me feeling mentally and emotionally drained? Because this is what I tend to do, I self-sabotage when things are going good and I'm feeling good!

But, that stops today! I'm not saying I won't have bad days because I'm not perfect, but it does mean I'm going to be more self aware of the things that trigger me to self-sabotage. So what I encourage you to do is what I did. I took the time to just reflect on the things I do that make me feel good, as well as how I feel when I don't do them. Then, I made a note of what I need to do to make sure I'm not going to get in my own head and cause that unnecessary chaos. And then I'm going to do exactly what the picture quote says, I'm going to be prepared each day to confront my own self-sabotage. I'm going to do this by staying focused on my goals. I've been so worried about what could go wrong with all the changes, that I didn't allow myself to see the opportunities with the changes.

Monday, May 15, 2017

St. Jude Half Marathon 2017

Last year I ran my first half marathon and it was a great accomplishment; but this year I've decided to do another half marathon but this time it's more than just for myself or an accomplishment. This year I'm running to help raise funds for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and raise awareness for childhood cancer. I was inspired to do this by all the kids and families I've met through a local charity organization Wrestling For A Cause where I'm one of the ringside photographers. I'm running for all these kids I've seen fight so hard! They are the true heroes!

The race is December 2, 2017 and takes place in Memphis, Tennessee. I've officially registered and have set a minimum goal of $500. My $50 registration fee has been applied to my personal goal and so I only have $450 minimum to raise by December 2nd. I have no doubt with the help of my friends, family, and others who are inspired to help I will meet my goal. If at least 45 people donated only $10 each I would meet my goal. Please consider not only supporting my participation, but also these kids and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, by clicking on the link for my personal fund raising page. Click HERE FOR MY PERSONAL PAGE to donate and help make a difference, and help me reach my goal. Thank you in advance for you support!

Below is just one of the many kids who have touched my life, inspired me, and why I've decided to do this run. We need more research and cures for these kids. They deserve more and whatever small role I can play in that, I'm honored to do so. Please, again, consider helping out by clicking on my personal link above and making a donation. In loving memory of Warrior Kai.